Quality - Jakemans Throat & Chest

Dedicated to quality since 1907.

Coughs, colds and tickly throats haven’t changed much in a century, and neither have we: we still offer a naturally, simply effective lozenge.

The British have long loved natural remedies—why get fussy and scientific when something simple works? To this day we still believe in the power of nature to deliver relief through our lozenges.

Something else that sets THROAT & CHEST™ lozenges apart is that they are formed from individual droplets, giving them a smooth, melting quality. We prefer this to manufacturing methods used by other brands that can result in lozenges with unpleasant cracks and fissures..

And if you’re wondering why we don’t have a cilantro-passionfruit flavor or something more hip, well, let’s just say that the British find great comfort in things more traditional and trusted.

Products devoted to health and wellbeing for generations.

The story of our thriving family business began more than 100 years ago in England, and we have been promoting health and wellbeing through our range of herbal medicines, supplements and other products ever since. Our aim is simple, to improve people’s wellbeing and quality of life. 

Today, traditional herbal knowledge plus high-end manufacturing is still the combination that ensures continued innovation and leadership. We are proud to manufacture and distribute trusted and proven health care brands, now available in over 20,000 locations across the United States.